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Focus on serving Metal, Mining and Crane Segment.

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Ratio (Two Colour)

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Ratio (Two Colour Dual) Pyrometer

non contact infrared thermometer

Temperature range: 250-3000°C
Spectral range: 0.8 – 1.75 μm    Response Time: 1 ms – 10 s

Metal Processing applications with harsh conditions of dust, steam 

3x4-20 mA/ 0-10 V

Temperature range:  450-3000°C
Spectral range:  0.8 – 1.1  μm   Response Time: 1ms – 10 s

Metal Processing applications with heavy soiling and low visibility

3x4-20 mA/ 0-10 V

Temperature range:  250-3000°C
Spectral range:  1.45 – 1.75  μm   Response Time: 1ms – 10 s

Metal Processing applications with heavy soiling and low visibility

3x4-20 mA/ 0-10 V

Ratio Technology at its Best

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Rugged fiber-optic ratio non-contact temperature measurement

Laser sighting for real spot size indication at any distance

Electrically isolated sensing head and fiberoptic for ambient temperatures up to 315 °C without cooling (CTratio)

Option of Video aligning with two steps brightness reduction filter 

A two-colour pyrometer or ratio pyrometer is an advanced technology for non-contact temperature measurement. The two-colour models help with precise operations with superior accuracy and reliability, making these ratio pyrometers ideal for various industrial applications.

At its core, a two-colour pyrometer is a non-contact temperature measurement device that employs a more advanced technique compared to single-color pyrometers. Traditional models rely on measuring the intensity of the infrared radiation emitted by an object at a single wavelength. However, a material’s emissivity (its ability to emit infrared radiation) can significantly impact the accuracy of this measurement.

Two-colour pyrometers take a different approach. They simultaneously measure the infrared radiation emitted by the object at two distinct, closely spaced wavelengths. By analyzing the ratio of these intensities, the pyrometer can determine the object’s temperature with greater accuracy, even when emissivity fluctuates.

Manglam Electricals is a leading supplier of high-quality industrial instrumentation, including the Optris line of two-color pyrometers. Our range includes two exceptional models to cater to diverse industrial needs. Our robust two color pyrometer featrues fiber optic design for safe and reliable temperature measurement in the harsh enviroments. The other range of advanced pyrometers by Manglam Electricals incorporates video alignment and a two-step brightness reduction filter for exceptional performance in various industrial settings.

Why Partner with Manglam Electricals for Two Colour Pyrometers?

Superior Accuracy and Repeatability:

By minimizing the influence of emissivity variations, our two-color pyrometers deliver significantly more accurate and consistent temperature measurements across a broader range of materials and conditions. Offering top quality ratio pyrometer, we, at Manglam Electricals make a range of solution accessible that specifically benefits in situations where precise temperature control is critical, like metal forging or semiconductor processing.

Reliable Measurements in Challenging Environments:

Traditional pyrometers can struggle in environments with dust, smoke, dirty observation windows, or partially filled measurement spots (objects smaller than the spot size). Catering to a range of requirements, Manglam Electricals offer Two-colour pyrometers that excel in these scenarios. The design of ratio pyrometer we offer minimizes the impact of such obstacles, ensuring reliable temperature readings even in harsh industrial settings.

Enhanced Usability:

Two-color pyrometers by Manglam Electricals incorporate user-friendly features that simplify the measurement process. Our range of ratio pyrometers boast features like laser sighting for real spot size indication make alignment easier and more precise. This translates to faster setup times and improved measurement confidence.

Applications of Two Color Pyrometers

Due to their exceptional accuracy, ability to handle challenging environments and user-friendly features, two-colour pyrometers find application in a wide range of industries:
Precise temperature control is crucial in various metalworking processes, such as forging, heat treating, and welding. Two-colour pyrometers ensure consistent and reliable temperature readings for optimal product quality.
Monitoring glass temperature throughout the manufacturing process is essential for controlling viscosity and preventing defects. Two-colour pyrometers effectively measure glass temperatures despite the material’s varying emissivity at different stages of production.

Food Processing

Maintaining proper temperatures during food processing is vital for safety and quality control. Two-colour pyrometers provide accurate temperature readings for various food products, even in environments with moisture or steam.
Consistent temperature control is necessary for optimal plastic molding and extrusion. Two-colour pyrometers offer reliable temperature measurements for different plastic types, regardless of emissivity variations.

Advance Your Temperature Measurement Capabilities with a Ratio Pyrometer by Manglam Electricals

At Manglam Electricals, we are committed to providing you with the best possible solutions for your temperature measurement needs. Our team will help you select the right two-color pyrometer model based on your specific application requirements. Contact Manglam Electricals today to discuss your application requirements and explore how two-color pyrometry can revolutionize your industrial processes.

Ratio Pyrometers for Metals and Steel Processing