Focus on serving Metal, Mining and Crane Segment.

Focus on serving Metal, Mining and Crane Segment.

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Hot Rolling Mill – Flat

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Hot Rolling Mill - Flat

Production | Maintenance | Process Optimization | Quality Assurance

Accurately monitor temperature and detect hot spots using infrared measurement devices that are especially suited for high temperatures and rough environment of rolling mills. 

Monitor temperature of semi-finished products and accurate measure the forming temperature between the individual rollers to ensure quality assurance and process optimization.

Ensure high product quality through precise measurement of rotation speed feedback at the main drive using our robust range of incremental encoders. Reduce downtime and ensure zero-failure operations. 

Obtain high signal quality under harsh operating conditions –  resistant to dust, condensation and shock and vibration. Ensure accurate and  synchronized roll speed through high precision speed and position feedback at coil box and loopers In the milling process

Proximity switches, light barriers and HMDs for the accurate slab detection in the reheating furnace and roughing mill

Laser distance meters and draw wire sensors for the precise slab measurement at the transfer table and positioning applications of the roll changing car

Highly accurate linear position sensors for various applications in the roughing and finishing mill