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Focus on serving Metal, Mining and Crane Segment.

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Ratio Pyrometer with Video Sighting for Harsh Conditions

Key Features

  • Reliable temperature measurements ranging from 250°C to 3000°C, all without the need for physical contact and adaptable to varying distances.
  • Innovative switchable two-step brightness reduction filter, facilitating easy sighting and focusing on intensely bright objects.
  • Equipped with a motorized focus, these pyrometers offer an optical resolution of up to  150:1
  • Ambient temperatures of 0°C to 65°C without supplementary cooling
  • Dual-channel measuring principle, rendering them largely impervious to dust, steam, and obscured viewing windows.
  • Especially suited for measurement of extremely high metal temperature
  •  Easy-to-install                                                                                     

Key Specifications

Temperature range

250° C to 3000° C

CS Vision 1M : 450°C to 3,000°C

CS Vision 2M 250°C to 3000°C

Spectral Range

0.8 mm - 1.1 mm / 1.45 - 1.75 mm

Fastest response time

1ms- 10ms

Signal Output

2 x 0/4-20 mA (isolated output)


Versatile Ratio Pyrometer

This ratio pyrometer provides accurate temperature measurements despite heavy soiling and to acquire data even when measuring objects are poorly visible makes it an optimal tool for temperature control in challenging metal processing environments, particularly those that are difficult to access.

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