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Focus on serving Metal, Mining and Crane Segment.

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Pyrometer for extremely quick temperature measurements

Key Features

  • This pyrometer is perfectly suited for especially fast process and quick temperature measurements due to its extremely short response time of 6 ms.
  • The unchoppered sensor allows a continuous temperature surveillance of fast processes in a spectrum of -50°C up to 975°C.

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Temperature range

-50°C to 975°C

Spectral range

8 - 14 μm

Fastest response time

6 ms at analogue interfaces
3ms at digital interfaces

Signal Output

4-20 mA

0/5-10 V

Thermocouple (J/K)


Generic applications

  •  Temperature measurements of especially quick processes
  •  PET Bottle Manufacturing
  • Hot Axle Temperature Measurement
  • Glassware production
  • Printing machines

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