Focus on serving Metal, Mining and Crane Segment.

Focus on serving Metal, Mining and Crane Segment.

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Entry level non contact temperature sensor upto 1030° C

Key Features

  • Exceptionally flexible, accurate and easy to use
  • Wide range of temperature, operating wavelengths and applications
  • Large model range and accessory options
  • High quality optics and versatile design
  • Sensor parameters easily configured through display monitor
  • Avoids measurement errors
  • Robust, Rugged and Reliable transfer of measurement data
  • Small, miniature size and Intelligent LED display (CT LT)
  • IR Mobile App connectivity
  • Non contact temperature measurement
  • Can be placed in harsh environments inaccessible to conventional ones
  • Impressive array of solutions for your process needs
  • robust and ambitious design allows the sensing heads to be used for high temperatures



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Temperature range

CT LT and CTex LT (with Atex certification) : -50°C to 975°C

CS LT/ CS micro: -50 °C to 1,030 °C

Smallest spot size


Fastest response time

14 ms

3 models

Ambient temperature

Response time

CTfast LT

-20°C- 120°C

3 ms

CThot LT

-20°C -250°C

100 ms


-20°C - 180°C

150 ms

Single color model

Superior optical resolution


Degree of protection


Laser aiming function​ Interfaces

USB, RS2322, RS485, Ethernet

Programmable relay output for control Output

simultaneous analog and digital outputs

Signal Output

4-20 mA

0/5-10 V

Thermocouple (J/K)


Generic applications

  • Suited for narrow location (lower mounting space)
  • Robust head work on high ambient temperature without additional cooling
  • Wide application range- Plastic, rubber, pharmaceuticals, wooden, non metallic surface

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