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High Resolution Thermal Cameras

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High Resolution Infrared Thermal Imaging Cameras


Introducing the new Ultra High Resolution Thermal Camera with Microscope Optics

High resolution thermal imaging for chip level electronic components and boards

The newly developed Microscope lenses are especially designed for thermal inspection of electronic boards and analyses of small chip level components down to 8 μm.  The distance between the measurement object and the camera can vary between 80 and 100 mm (MO44) or 15 mm (MO2X) 640×480 pixel

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Temperature range:  -20-900°C 
Spectral range: 8 – 14 μm
Resolution: 640 x 480 pixel

Industrial and R&D processes. Pin-sharp thermal images and IR videos. Optical resolution of 640×480 pixel

3x4-20 mA/ 0-10 V

Temperature range: 900-2450°C
Spectral range: 500-540 nm
Resolution: 764 x 480 pixels

Analysis of small chip level components down to 28 µm. Suited to thermally analyze entire circuit boards and macro shots of individual components. Hands-free operation

3x4-20 mA/ 0-10 V

High Resolution Thermal Imaging Camera for ultra precise temperature measurement

High-resolutionthermal imaging cameras with the smallest measuring VGA infrared camera worldwide.

This high-resolution infrared camera has an optical resolution of 640×480 pixels, giving it unsurpassed power to provide precisepin-sharp radiometric pictures and videos.

Relatively small in size, 45x56x90 mm, and weighing between 269 – 340 g, this high-resolution thermal imaging camera is very compact.

Coupled with an advanced license-free thermography software package, it provides thermal maps in real-time.

This high-resolution infrared camera has various industrial applications where extreme accuracy and precise temperature monitoring are needed for quality assurance, process monitoring, and optimization.

Real-time thermographic images are ideal for surveillance and quality assurance in industrial settings – pharmaceutical, automotive, and aerospace, as well as in electronics and photovoltaic applications.

Important specifications

·      High-resolution infrared camera comes with exchangeable, focusable optics for the most flexible use of the camera

·      Temperature analysis of small chip-level components down to 28 μm

·      Hands-free operation for simultaneous testing and high-resolution IR imaging.

·      Frame rates up to 125 Hz allowing the inspection of fast processes

·      Radiometric video or tiff recording with +/-2 °C measurement accuracy

·      License-free analysis software and complete SDK included



The infrared optical performance of such a high-resolution IR camera is further accentuated by its high optical resolution, reaching up to 764 x 480 pixels. This level of detail ensures that professionals across industries rely on the high-resolution infrared camera for intricate thermal analysis and monitoring.

High-resolution thermal imaging camera with microscope optics for electronics testing

The high-resolution infrared camera offers versatile functionality with the option to equip standard optics for capturing entire circuit boards or microscope optics for detailed imaging of tiny devices.

The sophisticated optical design of the lens provides thermography in VGA resolutions, giving high-quality infrared images. This ultra-high resolution thermal camera can accommodate a very small Measurement Field of View (MFOV), which is actually the size of the smallest object that can be accurately measured within the customizable field of view at a set distance.


High-resolution IR cameras, when fitted with microscopic optics, are
especially suited for circuit board-level thermal imaging of electronic
components and PCB boards. The microscope optics give the user pin sharp infrared images that provide minute details of thermal variations on components and targets as small as 8 μm.  

The high-quality thermal and geometric detail resolution of the infrared cameras ensures precise functional testing of electronic products, as even the smallest temperature differences can be accurately detected.



Important specifications

·   Temperature range: -20-100 °C/ 0-250 °C/ (20)150-900 °C

·     Exchangeable, focusable optics for the most flexible use of the camera

·     Microscope stand included for hands-free simultaneous operation/testing

·     Exchangeable, focusable lenses for the most flexible use of the camera

·     With a Temperature resolution (NETD) of 80 mK

·     Frame rates up to 125 Hz, allowing the inspection of fast processes (like pulsed laser diodes)

·     Radiometric video or tiff recording with +/-2 °C measurement accuracy

·     License-free analysis software and complete SDK included

 Analysis of small chip-level components down to 8 μm



The optional inclusion of wavelength-blocking filters within the thermal imager enhances the camera’s ability to filter unwanted interference, maintaining the accuracy of temperature readings and providing exceptional clarity and detail in thermal images, ensuring that every temperature variation is captured with utmost precision. 



Applications of High Resolution Thermography in Research

Electronics Design and Validation

Infrared cameras play a crucial role in the development, testing, and manufacturing of electronic assemblies. Offering high resolutions, they enable the precise measurement of temperatures and temperature distributions, even in miniaturized components. This capability aids in error detection during the design phase and ensures the reliable identification of faulty components. Ultimately, the use of infrared cameras leads to expedited and more secure electronics development processes.