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Focus on serving Metal, Mining and Crane Segment.

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Furnace Thermal Camera for metal temperature


Introducing the new Ultra Compact thermal Camera for Secondary Steel Processing

Short wavelength camera for temperature measurement of metal surfaces

The optris PI 1M thermal camera is optimized for measuring the temperature of metals, utilizing a 1 μm wavelength where metals exhibit higher emissivity compared to the conventional 8-14 μm range. This results in more accurate readings. The camera features high-performance sensor electronics that provide a rapid reaction time of 1 ms for displaying the center pixel’s temperature, enabling real-time monitoring and adjustments during thermal processes.


  • High dynamic CMOS detector with up to 764 x 480 pixels resolution
  • Wide measurement ranges from 842 °F to 3272 °F without sub-ranges
  • Up to 1 kHz frame rate for fast processes
  • Real-time analog output with 1 ms response time
  • Extensive software package and SDK included
  • 1 kHz linescanning function possible

Applications of Furnace Thermal Camera

Melting Furnace

Real time IR based thermal imager provides highly accurate temperature profile in the melting furnace.

Temperature measurement becomes a challenge due to presence of slag  and harsh ambient conditions like high ambient temperature and smoke.  Thermocouple have high consumable cost and measurement is dependent on human assessment resulting in chance of errors. Overheating causes high power consumption because of delayed measurement.

Short wavelength IR camera provides auto hot spot tracker continuously tracks hot metal even in presence of scale. With option of different kind of cooling jackets for harsh environment, this thermal camera continuously measures temperature which can be used to control the power of the furnace.

Open Die Forging

In Open Die Forging target alignment during moving process can be a challenge. Errors in measurement can occur due to scale presence on surface because of oxidation. Further there maybe obstacles due to moving hammer. Short measurement wavelength  camera provides precise temperature measurement during deforming of metal piece between multiple dies. No alignment required as >3.5 lacs pixels working with auto hot spot tracker. Multiple ROIs and longer FOV provide accurate shape analysis and temperature measurement. Auto HOT SPOT tracker penetrate through scale. Longer FOV provide shape analysis and temperature. Water cooling jacket for ambient temperature upto 315°C. Analog/ USB 2.0 and Ethernet GgE/ PoE.

Induction Heating

During Induction Heating, high rejection rate may result as temperature is not accurate. Due to moving. Process defining measuring point becomes difficult. In the measurement process, scales temperature may also get recorded. Defects and product cracks can occur at the head end due to temperature variations.

Short wavelength thermal camera provides profile temperature during heat treatment process on induction heating. High Special spectral range applicable for heat treatment process. Multiple ROIs (areas) for full profile measurement. Auto HOT SPOT tracker for max process temperature. Water cooling jacket for ambient temperature upto 315°C.

FAQ on Furnace Thermal Imaging Camera

What are the fields of applications for the High-Resolution IR camera with microscope lenses?

Optris Microscope optics are ideally suited to thermally analyze entire circuit boards, and detailed macro shots of individual components can be measured reliably. The high-quality thermal and geometric detail resolution of the high-resolution infrared cameras allows for an effective and precise functional testing of electronic products.

What is the resolution level of this high resolution ir camera?

With the new MO2X microscope optics with 2x magnification, the PI 640i infrared camera from Optris is now able to capture infrared images of even complex structures. For an exact temperature measurement, 4×4 pixels are required (MFOV) so that objects with a size of only 34 µm (MO44) can now be measured. This means that even tiny structures can be analyzed at chip level.  

The high resolution of 80 mK is a very good value for this optic. The focus of the new optics makes it possible to work at a distance of 15 mm from the object being measured. As the optics on the thermal camera can be easily exchanged, the system can be used flexibly for various measurement tasks. Together with the supplied high-quality microscope stand with fine adjustment, microelectronic assemblies can be inspected very easily.

Which applications will this high-resolution infrared camera be most suited for?

The Pi640M high-resolution thermal imaging camera brings you the ultimate precision and the highest level of accuracy, as well as results in repeatability,  

Ideal for extremely sensitive R&D environments, these thermal imagers set the industry standard for high-performance thermal imaging solutions for applications in Nanoscience, Material Science, 3D Printing, Electronics, and Chip Design, to name a few.

What factors make this high-resolution thermal imaging camera the best option for R&D thermography?

The laser-blocking filters, wide temperature ranges, infrared microscope optics, and powerful software further solidify its position as a go-to choose for labs where precision, accuracy, and adaptability are paramount.