Focus on serving Metal, Mining and Crane Segment.

Focus on serving Metal, Mining and Crane Segment.

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For Molten Metal Temperature

Key Features

  • Special Spectral range: 500 to 540 nm
  • Intuitive to operate
  • Reduces process setup time and automate quality monitoring
  • Broad temperature range and Continuous temperature monitoring
  • Lens options for outstanding clarity at any distance
  • High resolution thermal imager
  • Customize and display zones overlayed on thermal image
  • Real time large scale scanning with precision
  • Prevents downtime and enhances worker safety
  • Prevents costly failures
  • Easily track temperature changes



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Temperature range


Spectral range

500-540 nm


764 x 480 pixels

Response time

1 ms

Available interface

USB/ optional USB to PoE

Signal Output

4-20 mA/ 0-10 V


Generic applications

  • For laser processing applications via blocking of radiation greater than 540 nm
  • Continuous pouring
  • Detection of smallest material defects or cracks on fast moving objects like steel bars and slabs, rails
  • Production of propellers for cargo/cruise ships
  • Primary metal oven builder in casting
  • Laser welding process and laser hardening

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