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Focus on serving Metal, Mining and Crane Segment.

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Sensor Solutions for Roughing Mill

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Case Studies for Roughing Mill

From point to profile temperature measurement allows operation team to improve strip quality by comparing edge temperature deviation and head and tail comparison. 

Easy exchange or extension of existing encoder solutions. Cost-efficient, as encoders can be exchanged selectively/

HMD 4.0 from Proxitron has the flexibility to program the response threshold and also the option to set both upper and lower threshold (hysteresis). This feature gives a flicker free performance even in presence of excessive steam to provide a reliable tracking.

Next generation ratio technology for accurate measurement in high ambient environment in presence of steam, dirt and scale.

Due to temperature difference between bottom and top side leads to hook-up condition, eventually leading to strip cobble.

Next generation ratio pyrometers / thermal camera allow the measure the temperature on bottom side.

No longer indirect way of measuring the temperature of furnace

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New ratio pyrometer for high ambient temperature applications

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