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Single Colour Pyrometers

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Single Colour Pyrometers

Non contact IR technology pyrometers for accurate temperature measurement of non metal surfaces, liquid, glass and plastic.

Precise non contact temperature measurement with high optical resolution of 300:1

Temperature range: 250°C to 2200°C
Spectral range: 1.6μm
Accuracy: +-0.3%
Optical resolution: 300:1
Interfaces: USB, RS 2323, RS 485, Ethernet, profibus

Application specific wavelength at 500 nm reduces the dependence on emissivity adjustment, thus providing stable, accurate temperature measurement for molten metal.

Temperature range: 1000°C to 2000°C
Spectral range: 0.525 μm
Accuracy: +-0.3%
Optical resolution: 150:1
Interfaces: USB, RS 2323, RS 485, Ethernet

Application specific wavelength reduces the impact of reflection

Temperature range: 100°C to 1650°C
Spectral range: 5.0 μm
Accuracy: +-1%
Optical resolution: 70:1
Interfaces: USB, RS 2323, RS 485, Ethernet

Temperature range: -50° to 1030° C
Spectral range: 8-14 μm
Accuracy: +-1.5%
Optical resolution: 15:1
Interfaces: USB