Focus on serving Metal, Mining and Crane Segment.

Focus on serving Metal, Mining and Crane Segment.

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New ratio pyrometer for high ambient temperature applications

Up to 250°C without water cooling

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Non Contact Infrared Temperature Sensors

ir camera

Object Position Detection using Hot Metal Detectors

Fuses Thyristors and Capacitors

Temperature Measurement During Forging

IR heating Chamber : IR heaters. Specialized to metal application 1.6 µm

Ratio Technology – resistant against dust, steam and dirty glass window

Short measurement wavelength of 1μm 

Heat treatment process : Induction. Heating Special wavelength camera to minimize the influence of emissivity adjustment

Reliable, long service life and flexible use on different machines.

Short measurement wavelength of 1μm 

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We offer a wide range of robust sensor solutions especially suited for the harsh operating conditions within the forging industries. Non-contact infrared based temperature sensor solutions include pyrometers and IR cameras. Range of circuit protection products ensure electrical safety, reliability, code compliance. Rugged Hot Metal Detectors accurately detect position of objects across the different stages of the hot forging process. We have installed solutions across various forging plants across the country, bringing in years of experience to address new applications and provide custom made solutions for challenging requirements. We bring to our customers sensors that are highly reliable and accurate with low installation and maintenance costs