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Focus on serving Metal, Mining and Crane Segment.

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Sensor Solutions for Reheating Furnace

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Case Studies for Reheating Furnace

To prevent any refractory damage, the first billet skew (head and tail) to be checked before it is lifted and pushed outside of the reheating furnace.

Laser distance sensor with an accuracy of +/-1mm accuracy works on billet surface upto 1300⁰C. With effective water cooling can work in ambient temperature upto

The old scanning type HMD gave abrupt flickering output due to presence of heavy flying scales. Frequenctly the lens of HMD was getting damaged due to scales

Thanks Proxitron 4.0 to the ability to set dual threshold (upper and lower limt), the flying scales did not switch off output signal due scale presence. With additional accessories pipe and protective window the lens of HMD was not affected.

The next generation ratio technology allows to measure temperature even there ie. Flying scales or of the billet surface is highly oxidized.

Unlike other pyrometer that require water cooling, new Ratio sensor can working in ambient upto 200 ⁰C (315⁰C) without any water cooling. 

Simple and robust mechanism; easy cleaning due to open design


No longer indirect way of measuring the temperature of furnace

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New ratio pyrometer for high ambient temperature applications

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