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Focus on serving Metal, Mining and Crane Segment.

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Sensor Solutions for Intermediate Stand

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Case Studies for Intermediate Stand

The customer faced delays due to misalignment of 4 HMDs required before shear cut.

Now with next generation short wavelength camera it is possible to get multiple digital output (0-10Vdc) and analog output (4-20mA).

No precise alignment required. Simply install and make the detection area from the control room.

The HMD 4.0 with electronics (transmitter) part situated away from heat zone allows the optics to be as close 30cm to red hot billet.

As optics is much closer, it captures more IR energy compared to an HMD installed 1-2mtrs away.

Thus more precise detection even in the presence of steam and bar bouncing. A flicker-free cutting signal

HMD with high sensitivity with programmable response temperature between 100 and 600C combined with dual threshold (upper and lower limits) is perfect for flicker free bar detection at the water box.

As the threshold is programmable, the same HMD can be used at other location in the mill, thus reducing spare inventory. 

Photocell could now operate in ambient temperature 290⁰C without the need of any water cooling

Simple and robust mechanism; easy cleaning due to open design


No longer indirect way of measuring the temperature of furnace

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New ratio pyrometer for high ambient temperature applications

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