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Overspeed switch

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Overspeed Switch

Our overspeed switches offer high switching accuracy for monitoring speed and stand still.

Precise, Programmable, Rugged

Solid shaft: max 11 mm optional 14mm with and without foot
Hollow shaft : 16mm – 25mm
Pulse per rotation: 1024- 2048 1,2 or 4 switches
Switching speed range: 0.63-6000 

Versatile, Compact, All-in-one system

Resolution: Multiturn 15 bit (32768 rotations); Single turn 13 bit (8192 steps per rotation)
Speed switch: 0.5-2520 rpm
Position switch: max. 32768 rotations….

HTL TTL Overspeed Electronic position switch Absolute encoder

Compact, Versatile, Fast

Pulse supply: 17…30 VDC
Temperature range: Operating: 0 ̊C-45 ̊C
Storage: -25 ̊C-70 ̊C
Input frequency: 1 MHz
Interface: serial RS232
Pulse input with format: A,B, 90 ̊[HTL]

0-10V 4-20mA