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Tilt angle sensor

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Tilt angle sensor

In a reheating furnace, the input materials from the continuous caster (slabs, blooms or billets) are first heated to a temperature above the recrystallization temperature. Reheating furnaces can be designed as awalking beam, pusher-type or rotary hearth furnaces. In the walking beam furnace presented here, a hydraulically operated walking beam system transports the billets through the furnace at a constant speed applying a lift and feed motion.

Robust, Precise, Long-Lasting

1 axis operation: 0-360 deg
2 axes operation: +-10/30/60 deg
Accuracy: 0.2 deg
Power supply: 7Vdc, 30Vdc

Analog voltage or current output

Supply: 9-33 V DC
Accuracy: 0.05-0.3 deg
Current consumption: < 120 mA
Temperature range: -30 °C to +70 °C
Resolution: 14 bit