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Category: Cable protection conduits

Cable protection conduits

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  • Key Features
    • Robust, very wide operating temperature range
    • Conduit retains its functional integrity equally good when exposed to freezing and extreme hot temperatures.
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  • Key Features
    • High continuous temperature, halogen free, high resistance to acid, alkali, bleaches and solvents
    • Corrosion resistant
    • Excellent oil resistant, halogen-free, short term flame protection, good temperature reduction
      and withstands molten splash
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  • Key Features
    • Knitted sleeving, good short term flame protection
    • Resistant to hydraulic fluids, lubricating oils and fuels
    • Protects against molten splash, occasional flames, heat radiation, energy loss in piping and hoses
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  • Key Features
    • Very flexible, halogen free, non-smoke, wide temperature range, EMI/EMP shielding
    • Retains its liquid-tight rating up to 250°C
    • Designed to resist oils, greases and solvents
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  • Key Features
    • Flexible, robust, with stainless steel braid
    • Provides mechanical and EMC protection in critical applications
    • High level of electromagnetic shielding for cables
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  • Key Features
    • Robust, oil and grease resistant
    • Good mechanical protection of cables
    • Resistance to aggressive oils and greases
    • Retains flexibility and no stiffness or rupture

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